Polanco Caviar pays homage to San Gregorio de Polanco, a town with a population of just over 3,000 located on the northern bank of Rio Negro.

Legend has it that the town was founded on remnants of ancient indigenous peoples who arrived on the river bank looking for the large amount of fish provided by the Hum (the name said people gave to the Rio Negro).

This might be the reason artisanal fishing has always been one of the most common activities in San Gregorio de Polanco.

The town is also known because of the wall paintings on the houses and buildings facades that turn this peaceful fishing town into the only open Visual Arts Museum of Latin America.

San Gregorio de Polanco, a small Town of artisanal fishermen.

Polanco Caviar is harvested during the austral winter.

For this reason, it achieves its peak of ripeness and the fullness of flavor right at the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere.

Perfect ripeness at the onset of Boreal winter.