Unveiling the Elegance of Sturgeon Caviar: A Luxurious Gourmet Choice

Barco granja caviar
Barco granja caviar


Polanco Caviar was born from the conviction that the exceptional can only be achieved by following a different path.

Inspired by the sturgeon that swims against the current in the opposite direction to that of a world that moves further away from naturalness every day.

The result is an original river Caviar, of unique naturalness in the world, which reaches its right maturity when winter arrives in the northern hemisphere. Countercurrent in every sense.

Quality, not quantity


Latas de Caviar Polanco Siberian ReserveLatas de Caviar Polanco Siberian Reserve

Siberian reserve

Oscietra Grand reserve

The medium to large eggs of this Grand Reserve Caviar have rich bronze to golden hues with a long-lasting delicate finish.

This Reserve Caviar is as pleasing to the eyes as to the palate, offering varied shades and a subtle and slightly sweet flavor.

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