About Us

Polanco is a product originating in the sturgeon farm belonging to Estuario del Plata in the waters of Rio Negro, in South America. A rushing stream that from its source in Brazil to its mouth into the Uruguay River flows through the middle of a country known for its soil fertility, and air and water purity.
In the fresh waters of Rio Negro which get cold in winter and temperate in summer, two decades ago sturgeons found the perfect habitat to naturally grow and spawn the only Caviar in the world coming from the Southern Hemisphere.

Fruit of the vigorous Rio Negro waters, in Uruguay, one of the world's main caviar-producing countries

Sturgeons naturally fed with products of the region.

As we take utmost care in breeding Polanco Caviar, our sturgeon feed is specially prepared on-farm by Estuario del Plata, selecting the best ingredients in the area.

This is the only way to assure the genuine naturalness of the product, as well as its freshness and quality, and achieve such refined taste that authentically transmits the flavor of its place of origin.